Who is AnnaMontee?

They came of age in the 40s, best friends then; later, my maternal and paternal grandmothers, Anna and Montee. I loved to observe their clothing styles—colorful fabrics, patterns, and layers that accentuated but never exploited their plump curves. These women embodied playful class and sass. When I began to sketch fashions, their styles enchanted my imagination. They became my inspiration. 

All the while I was grinding out a career in public relations and academia, Anna and Montee captivated me. I still believed the dream of creating a line of stylish, tasteful, eclectic, and edgy clothing for the plus-size woman retailers love to ignore. 

Now is the time for that dream to become real.

The AnnaMontee brand will shift current thinking that the plus-size woman cannot play classy and sassy. She is confident and fearless. Her style is not a costume; it’s her identity. She sees herself rocking the same hip and trendy fashions as her slimmer sisters. And she deserves to slip her beautiful curves into the colors, patterns, fabrics, layers, and prints that show off her creative self wherever she goes. She doesn’t follow or fit the curve. She creates the curve when she meets friends at a café, turns up with her favorite performer at a concert, or chats up family at a cookout. 

Because of your support, you are helping me realize a lifelong dream. Thank you. 

I invite you to continue with me on this walk of faith as I work to craft a brand for us curvy girls in these streets!